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Welcome to buzzworks!
Our vision is to create terrific living, working and hybrid (live/work) spaces for our clients.
Artistic, creative elements can be found in all our properties.
Clean lines and great spaces.
Urban renewal, building a block at a time.
Creating unique spaces where creativity and productivity flow.




Veritex Bank  Veritex has been a strategic lending partner to buzzworks portfolio since 2011.


Development Partners

b3cre.com   buzzworks has formed a development partnership with the Austin-based real estateinvestment and development firm, with initial focus on the recently acquired (dallas) yellow cab facility.

Family Offices, High Net Worth Investors:  100% serve as references!  The buzzworks team takes great pride in its methodical and patient alignment with a few select partners over the last 20 years.  Results are the key, we are proud to report that all of our investors, from individual small-cap investors to larger funds, have acheived their projected returns or higher, and on projected timelines. 

Buzzworks Investment Partners
The Buzzworks 15-50 Investor Program
Buzzworks investors range from the small cap investor starting at $15,000, earning a stated return, to $1.4 million, these larger amounts being placed by accredited investors.  The accredited investor participates in various equity and ownership positions with the Developer.


Architecture & Design

        Parma Design - Architechture.Art.Sculpture